The symptoms of withdrawal are temporary; the woman in withdrawal may not experience all of them, or may experience some more intensely than others. A woman in withdrawal from marijuana should be encouraged to consult a physician.

The physical symptoms include:
    - tiredness, lack of energy
    - excess sweating
    - loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhoea
    - headaches
    - restlessness, insomnia
    - muscle tremors
    - nightmares; vivid dreams
    - a cough, worsening, with brown phlegm for a few weeks up to two months
The psychological symptoms include:

    - irritability
    - depression
    - paranoia
    - poor concentration
    - anxiety
Because THC (the active chemical in marijuana) is stored in the fatty cells of the body, the above symptoms only occur some of the time, but may be present for 6 months or longer, rather than just the couple of days or weeks it may take to detox from water-soluble drugs. Marijuana can cause a decrease in short-term memory, motivation and energy level. Detoxing from marijuana is a long-term process, and it may take several months to return to 'normal.'

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