Recovery from addiction is never as easy as simply stopping the substance. Most addicts have numerous physical problems that need to be addressed, emotional difficulties to overcome, mental health issues to address, and a spiritual vacuum that some have referred to as a 'hole in the soul.'

If you or a loved one has a secret addiction and desires to promptly stop it, you should quickly search for medical assistance. In many cases simply discovering that you have come to depend upon a drug or unhealthy behavior is all that is required for an addict to engage in the modifications that must be completed in order to put a stop to the compulsion. On other occasions more firm methods are what is needed, for example, commitment to a twelve-step program, or a brief stay in a rehabilitative program may encourage the person to remain drug-free.

The most vital thing needed in overcoming an addiction is support from friends and loved ones and staying clear of people and long-time activities that may cause the triggering of relapse again. With strength and a good sense of work ethic addictions WILL be conquered.

This section will address each of these levels of the recovery process...





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