Pharmaceutical on the Net

With a focus on manufacturing equipments and Equipment.

Supplier of label-removal equipment, automatic tray loading systems for bottles, and syringes and tablet-powdering devices.
Processing and packaging equipment supplier.
Producer of machinery for mixing, granulation and drying.
Frain Industries
Company buys, sells, rents and leases used packaging and processing machinery.
Developer of immunological assays and biocompatible surface treatments for a variety of healthcare and pharmaceutical products.
Medical Engineering Technologies
Provides services, equipment and related consumables for the areas of materials technology, manufacturing, laboratory testing, packaging, sterilization and validation.
Nimach Engineering Co.
India-based company, supplier of processing and packagin equipment.
Metropolitan Computing Corporation
Tablet press controllers, instrumentation monitors, instrumentation and calibration services.
Kevin Engineering
Offers a variety of pharmaceutical tablet coating systems, suitable for use in pharmaceutical and food product coating applications.
A.W. Bohanan Company
Manufactures of high speed capsule fillers and tooling for the pharmaceutical / herbal industry
Acta Health Products
Manufacturer of over the counter pharmaceuticals, as well as contract manufacturing capabilities. Distributor of pharmaceutical equipment.
KORAB Engineering Company
Automatic Filling & Packaging Machinery. Located in Texas.
Sterogene Bioseparations, Inc.
Manufacturer of purification equipment and chromatography media. Products are sold to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and laboratories.
Bio-Dot, Inc.
Manufacturer of diagnostic test kit manufacturing equipment and semi-automatic dispensing machines and developer of process control software which runs on Windows. The company also provides custom biotechnology manufacturing services and assay .
SERGE Packaging Equipment
Canada's used packaging equipment and conveyor supplier.
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