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Quality Care Solutions, Inc.
Developer of software used by payors and healthcare/dental providers to calculate payor responsibility to health claims and authorize referrals to other providers. Company does this through its QHealth(tm) software, which runs on Windows NT pla.
Etreby Computer Co., Inc.
Developer of pharmacy management, home infusion and nursing home software. The software runs on IBM PCs and compatible systems and on networks. Products are sold to commercial and hospital pharmacies and nursing homes.
Continuex Corp.
Developer of nursing home management software, COWORKER(tm); and labeling software, LABELMAKER(tm). The labeling software is specifically for nursing homes for specialized garment labeling. The software runs on IBM PCs and compatibles.
Accumedic Computer Systems, Inc.
Developer of computer software including local area networking, analysis planning, electronic medical claims, patient clinical record keeping and medical appointment scheduling software. This software is used by the medical industry. Software .
Developer of web based patient care monitoring and evaluation software. The software runs on multiple platforms. Products are sold to the healthcare industry. This company was capitalized by corporate investment.
Applications service provider (ASP) for the medical field, offering applications for case management and claims processing and document imaging.
Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc.
Development of medical software and application development tools; and provider of computer consulting services. Products include Advanced System Environment Tool (A*SET) (tm), an enterprise rapid applications development tool for development w.
MusculoGraphics, Inc.
Developer of medical training, image processing, computer assisted surgery and musculoskeletal modeling software. Software runs on Silicon Graphics workstations. Products are sold to the medical industry and to biomechanics researchers. This .
Yaki Technologies
Sole practitioner and institutional medical office management software. Site contains online ICD-9-CM.
CCS Enterprises, Inc.
Provider of UNIX/XENIX systems integration and computer consulting services. Developer of medical practice management software for UNIX/XENIX systems. Products and services are provided to the medical industry, general business and sales manag.
Developer of laboratory data analysis software. Software is used for the following functions: electrophoresis, TLC, gene fingerprinting, DNA mapping, chromosome karyotyping, colony counting and particle size/shape analysis. Software is for use.
Algotec Systems
Web enabled solutions for medical imaging, including teleradiology, telemedicine, image management and distribution, archiving, 2D and 3D image processing, access engines to clinical images and data. Offices worldwide.
ComCoTec, Inc.
Developer of pharmacy management software. The package, RxEXPRESS(tm), is provided as a turnkey system and performs the functions of inventory control, clinical screening, patient profiling, billing, sales analysis and other administrative func.
Beyond Roentgen Imaging Technologies
Provider of software solutions and custom turn key solutions for PACS and teleradiology. Products are sold to the medical industry. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Enabling Technology, Inc.
Developer of software for laboratory information management, environmental sample management, Internet mapping and medical risk analysis. The software is designed for analytical service laboratories and quality assurance and quality control lab.
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