Loving Yourself Part 2
by Zsuzsana
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'It is as hard to see one's self as to look backwards without turning around.' - - THOREAU - -

    Hi, who are you? No - that's not a typo. I really did mean 'who are you' and not 'how are you.'

    When someone asks us who we are, we have any number of answers, depending on the context of the question or who's asking it. I would reply with: I am Zsuzsana. I'm a columnist, I'm a psychic, I am a wife, (mother/daughter/teacher/nurse/busdriver/customer/woman/man/friend/boss. ) We can define ourselves by a myriad of roles, titles and perspectives.

    But most of these answers only define us in relation to others. A definition for each and every relationship we have on earth. But, who are we really?

    Well, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so we should be able to see our SELVES by looking in a mirror, right? What do you see when you look in a mirror?

    I see myself first thing every morning when I come down the main stairs in my house, as I have large sliding mirror doors in my front hall. I catch my reflection full-length, on my way to put the coffee on (and my pre-coffee image can be a pretty scary sight!)

    Other than passing by this mirror several times a day, when I usually run my fingers through my hair to straighten it out, maybe straighten my clothes a little if necessary, or straighten my posture, I don't spend much time looking in the mirror at all. When I do happen to catch a glance, I am often surprised that the image I see is not even the one I expect. In my mind's eye, I am timeless, ageless, always serene and attractive. The mirror sometimes reflects back much less flattering angles, and can be harsh in its truthful glare.

    But mirrors can be true friends. Here's a revealing little exercise you may want to try to expand your awareness of self.

    Meeting in the Mirror Exercise

    Stand quietly in front of a mirror. Imagine that you are a stranger meeting yourself for the first time, Look into the mirror and say hello. What is this stranger like?, What type of life has she had? What experiences have left a mark on her? Is she happy, sad, kind, wise, outgoing, confident, shy? What are her likes and dislikes? WHO is she?

    Let's go beyond the looks. What lies beyond the physical features of the person looking back at you? What do you read in the eyes? What about looking deeper, past the eyes and into the soul? How do you connect?

    (When you are doing this exercise your gaze will naturally unfocus - you can let it continue to blur and flow, or, you can focus on just one eye at a time and see if you can look through to see the self.

    When you feel you are ready, say good-bye to this person and thank them for allowing you to 'meet' them.

    Bring your awareness back gradually and become your self once again.

    Then, smile at yourself . How does that feel? Say I love you. Say it again and really mean it. This will probably create some strong emotion in you. At first it may even be embarrassing and may cause you to giggle. Never mind, Just go with it.

    (You may wish to make some notes in your journal about how this exercise feels and what emotions you experience, particularly when you say the words 'I love you').

    A Mirror Technique for Self-Awareness and Manifesting The Best You

    Play with this simple technique, which I have found it to be cathartic and revealing, as well as empowering.

    Stand in front of a mirror and gaze softly into it. You don't need to gaze too hard as your vision will blur. Greet yourself with love. Tell yourself about you. Use phrases such as I am..I have..I like.. and so on. Describe you to yourself in as much detail as you can, until you have exhausted all your thoughts. For the purpose of this exercise, it is better to focus on your positive qualities; this is not a time for berating yourself or testing emotional wounds. Keep your observations as detached as possible and look for the good, saving anything you consider 'the bad and the ugly' for another time.

    Use adjectives, as many as you like. I am loving, I am fun, I am cute, I have a nice smile, a good figure, lots of friends..) As you say these phrases allow them to float out into a big iridescent bubble around and above you. You will see this bubble fill up with all the descriptions of you that you can think of. Keep going until the bubble is full and you can't think of a single thing more to say, then blow softly and let the bubble float out into the universe. Take three deep cleansing breaths. Just be for a moment.

    Now - all the adjectives and descriptions and likes and dislikes and definitions and labels are gone. Who are you now? Do you feel any different? Have you released anything that you really miss? Or that you feel relief from letting go of? Is your persona floating about in the universe right now? Who is left looking into the mirror? Are you more in touch with your inner self?

    When you have allowed yourself to connect with your inner self, it's time for some affirmations, if you wish. Make sure these are all positive statements, and always use the present tense. You can start with statements that you know to be true. (I am kind. I am loving. I am intelligent..). Then make some affirmations of your desired goals. (I am a good public speaker. I live in perfect harmony within my relationships. I live in glowing, vibrant good health..whatever it is that you wish to manifest).

    By looking into your own eyes throughout this exercise, you are doubling the effectiveness of your affirmations - not only are you hearing the energies that your words are sending out to the universe, but you are making a direct connection with your inner self, or your soul, and your words are being imprinted as you speak them.

    Close this exercise with a warm loving smile and by saying I Love You.

    In countless angel readings I've given, I've been guided to tell people messages such as the following:

    'Search knowingly for the wisdom that is deep within. Find that quiet space within yourself that is the spark of the divine. This spark is your very essence and wonderful strength and revelations will come from this source. Trust in your soul connection with the divine and you will know yourself. The spark is there in each and every one of us and it is real. And if you love God (the Creator, the Source, Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness, the One, or whatever name you would like to use) then you must love yourself because this Spirit is within you.'

    James Van Praagh, in his book 'Talking to Heaven', similarly calls this the 'God spark'. He says that all of us, even those beings who appear evil and bad are made from this same God spark, except that those beings are the furthest away from what God is. He says 'God is perfection in everything. Each one of us is perfect if only we would seek our divinity. God is our essence. God is life itself.'

    So, next time you want to connect with your self and find your essence, grab a mirror and look for that spark. You may have to peel away a few layers first, but it is there, you will see, and once you have seen the spark, remember the universal connection in love and allow it to fill every cell of your being. Love your self so you can love others. Then you will attract and allow the love that is the very meaning of life.Blessings