Cause-Driven Living
by Julie Jordan Scott
Copyright 2002
Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career
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She inspires people worldwide with her books, ezine, teaching and personal coaching.
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    Lance Secretan defines "Cause" as "A dream that connects us from present reality to a richly imagined future." A Cause will create a vacuum that wil propel you forward. An intriguing Cause will not only pull you forward, it will include others in the invitation as well.

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving was built upon this very foundation. From its website, the history of its birth was recounted this way:

    MADD was born in 1980, out of the tragic death of a thirteen year old California girl from the actions of a repeat DWI offender. The rapid development and expansion of the organization, fueled by her mother's outrage at the lenient laws and weak judicial response to drunk driving crime, signaled that the battle against drunk driving was on in earnest. The campaign, sustained by the activism of the founder and countless other dedicated volunteers, grew into a national crusade. Now more than 1,100,000 supporters strong, MADD continues to take seriously its long-term goal of putting a final end to tragedies caused by alcohol and drug impaired driving.

    The founders of MADD propelled themselves from being a group of outraged activists to a powerful force in politics, popular culture, and in the lives of countless people whose lives have been indelibly changed by their influence. Crucially important is that drunk driving deaths have decreased. Penalties for Driving While Under the Influence have stiffened.

    The Cause for this organization came from the heart. It came from imagining that lives would be saved. It came from imagining a different world.

    What Cause grabs you by your heart and won't let go?

    Listening to talk radio, one can hear people discussing causes constantly, even if they do not recognize that is what they are speaking of in their calls. One person may have a Cause to increase the number of children reading on the grade level at her local school, so she volunteers her time assisting kids and encourages others to do the same. Another wants drinking water to be clean, so He rallies around this issue. The movie "Erin Brockovich" illustrated a team of lawyers catapulted forward by a Cause. At one point this seemed un-winnable, but by the end, the Cause became so compelling it made the team unstoppable.

    What does having a Compelling Cause do for one's life?

    A Cause draws people into Passionate Action. It electrifies what we do as we are being the absolute best version of ourselves. When we are cause driven, we are focused. We are artful in our approach and communication for our Cause. Our senses are heightened. We stand straighter and listen more carefully. We literally form a personal relationship with our Cause.

    To reiterate Lance Secretan's word, our Cause draws us into the future with vision directed action. Our motives are pure and laserlike. We create naturally and easily. We are in the zone.

    So what does this do mean to you?

    What makes your heart beat faster? What issue will keep you awake at night as you think about creative solutions? What is your vision of the world for the next generation and the one after that? How can your life reach across the generations creating a legacy that will continue many years from now?

    Today when I was out tilling the soil in my Gratitude Garden, I imagined what it would be like if each residential block in the world had a Gratitude Garden. With each weed I pulled and each turn of my new "Garden Claw Gold" I was present to that possibility. It is a Cause I can feel in the present and draws me to creating for the future.

    Now it is your turn.

    What will your Cause be?