Adding Abundance
by Julie Jordan Scott
Copyright 2002
Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career
as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months.
She inspires people worldwide with her books, ezine, teaching and personal coaching.
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    In the classic book "The Science of Getting Rich" there is one principle that inspires me towards passion whenever I utilize its power.

    Another bonus is the simplicity of application of this principle.

    What is it?

    Here is my synopsis: Give more than you receive with every transaction. Add to the abundance through being the truest version of your authentic self in each and every moment.

    The first few times I tried this out, I was amazed not only by the responses from people: I also noticed a distinct feeling of an all embracing peace that washed over me as I continued adding to the riches of the planet simply by giving from my core. Sometimes this was giving in a tangible sense and sometimes this was simply giving from the heart. An intangible from my core essence to another's core essence.

    I was a customer at the Wendy's Restaurant drive through window the first day I was trying this technique out. I mindfully held the concept of adding to the world's abundance with each interaction. The young woman working the window did her thing. And I did mine.

    I prayed silently as she handed me my order. I looked into her eyes, allowing the energy from my heart to flow into hers. I simply said, "Thank you very much". And I could feel a difference. From my observation, she felt a difference also.

    We are all stewards in our lives. In other words, we have the choice to make the best possible use of all we have whether that is a lot physically or a little physically. Being faithful in adding to the energetic wealth of the people around us by giving more than is expected will add to your financial abundance as well.

    Once the flow starts happening, do not forget where those blessings were birthed.

    In each interaction, add to the abundance of the world around you. Give from your heart space, inviting others to do the same not only with your words. Being your truest, most on purpose, passionate Self you will naturally add to the abundance.

    Passion Activator: Decide in this moment one small way to add to the abundance in your world during the hour ahead. Commit to taking this action either through speaking or writing your intention.

    After that act is complete, create another intention. Repeat and repeat and repeat until it becomes a practice in your life.

    Activate Your Passion!

    Special Note: If you have not read The Science of Getting Rich, you can download it for free here