How do I know if I have a drinking or drug problem?

1. Are you unable to control drinking or drug use... does it seem like regardless of what you decide beforehand, you frequently end up drunk or out of control? In other words, can you ALWAYS safely predict WHEN you will drink, HOW MUCH you will drink, and WHAT WILL HAPPEN when you do??

2. Do you use alcohol or drugs to 'escape' problems, even minor ones, such as a disappointment, quarrel or hard day?

3. Do you frequently feel a change in your personality when you drink, or have others commented to you about a personality change when you drink? Do you notice that your perceptions are altered, or your emotions are unpredictable? Do you find that your judgment gets impaired? Do you ever spend time with people or go to places only because you know that drugs or alcohol will be available?

4. Do you notice a high tolerance to alcohol or drugs - in other words, can you drink or use more than everyone else, "drinking everyone under the table?" Do you notice that you want to continue using or drinking after everyone has gone home?

5. Conversely, if you 'used to' have a high tolerance, do you now find that it takes less and less to get the 'high,' and that you are the one who is ill, or 'passing out' or losing control, while others around you seem to be able to drink 'normally' without adverse effects?

6. Do you experience blackouts - sometimes not remembering what happened the night before or the day before? Do you feel remorseful about your behavior when using alcohol or drugs? Have you ever found out that you did something while drinking that you wouldn't dream of doing sober?

7. Are you having problems at work, school, or home as a result of your drinking or drug use? Do you feel guilty about your drug or alcohol use? Are you breaking promises or avoiding responsibilities due to your alcohol or drug use?

8. Have family members, friends or co-workers shown concern about your drinking or drug use?

9. Have you tried to control your drinking or drug use by changing jobs, moving, ending relationships, or changing your drug of choice -- only to end up just as bad, or worse?

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