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Understanding Gene Testing
Answers and tutorials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
The glossary was developed to keep pace with the ever-evolving language of biotechnology. The glossary is the most up-to-date glossary related to biotechnology
International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics
Studying the Metabolism and Disposition of Chemicals in Biological Systems.
BACPAC Resource Center
Department of Cancer Genetics at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York. Information on currently available BAC and PAC genomic DNA libraries; high density colony hybridization filters, cloning vectors, and pertinent recent publicati.
Doctor's Guide: New Drugs
News found on the Internet relating to the approval of new drugs or of new indications for previously available drugs.
MDI Consultants, Inc.
FDA Recall List
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at NLM
A national resource for molecular biology information, NCBI creates public databases, conducts research in computational biology, develops software tools for analyzing genome data, and disseminates biomedical information.
Worldwide organization for the purpose of information exchange, product supply, educational and technological advancements, for the cleanroom industry.
National Cancer Institute
Cancer Definitions
Biotechnology Information Institute
The only periodical specializing in antiviral drug and vaccine development - a comprehensive monthly package of essential information and competitive intelligence
Pfizer Microbes
Thirteen interactive displays offer the opportunity for hands-on discovery of scientific concepts and will explain the critical role medical technology plays in keeping pace with the complex and constantly changing world of microbes.
New Medicine
Information services company specializing in consulting and analysis within the biotechnology,healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
WWW Virtual Library: Biotechnology
This directory contains well over 1000 URLs of companies, research institutes, universities, sources of information and other directories specific to biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and related fields.
A searchable database of abbreviations and acronyms in: biochemistry, cell biology, computers and internet, biological medical and computer journals,laboratories, molecular biology/genetics, neuroscience.
Weekly Pharmacy Update
Online pharmacy services as well as updated pharmacy news and information.
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