Pharmaceutical on the Net

With a focus on data and Resources.

Drug Information Technologies, Inc
Private publishers of drug databases for healthcare professionals and consumers in Germany.
Bibliographic database that contains more than 1.5 million citations and abstracts from over 4,000 different sources including biomedical journals, proceedings, books, reports and doctoral theses.
National Organization for Rare Disorders
Rare Disease Database®, Organizational Database, NORD Orphan Drug Designation Database -
Bio Mags Res Bank
Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides, and Nucleic Acids
Eukaryotic Promoter Database
Contains information on eukaryotic promoters of RNA polymerase II with an indication of the transcription start location. Only those promoters are included in this database in which the transcription start has been revealed experimentally.
Community of Science (COS) Expertise Database
Web network of professional information for scientists and scholars worldwide to promote their research, track current research, find collaborators and identify peer reviewers.
A National Science Foundation database system designed to provide access to a wide range of statistical data focusing on U.S. universities and colleges and their science and engineering resources.
HSSP Database
Database of homology-derived secondary structure of proteins. It was designed by Chris Sander and Reinhard Schneider.
Pharmacy Locator
Searchable database for pharmacies by state and city.
Biopharm Registry and Reference Project
This site offers access to databases concerning biopharmaceutical products and companies in the U.S. marketplace, provided as a service by the Biotechnology Information Institute
Spectra Online
Spectra Online is a searchable database containing over 6,000 IR, MS, NMR (proton, carbon and other nuclei), UV/VIS and NIR spectra.
Integrated Taxonomic Information System
An on-line, scientifically credible, list of biological names focusing on the biota of North America.
World Wide Drugs
Maintained by Neil Sandow, Pharm.D. Links to databases, websites, and journals resources for the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry.
A software directory of general interest in molecular biology and genetics. Database is arranged in searchable domains.
Biological Structure Resource
The NDB Biological Structure Resource (BSR) has been developed by the Nucleic Acid Database Project at Rutgers University.
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