Pharmaceutical guide

and Raw materials.

Research Organic
Manufacturer and major supplier of high purity bulk and laboratory biochemicals, for use in molecular biology, cloning applications, diagnostic chemicals and cell culture.
Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory
Manufacturer and exporter of finished products and raw materials, including penicillins, celphalsporins and anti-cancer drugs.
We produce organic combinatorial libraries with unique design features and provide access to an existing compound collection approaching 100,000 individually purified and analytically characterized small molecules
Our major product list includes bulk drugs, intermediates, and pharmaceutical excipients
Sybron Chemicals Inc.
Sybron Chemicals Inc. is a dynamic and expanding specialty chemicals company serving a growing international market.
Bizeurope Resource Guide
International importers directory - UGA media
Kirsch Pharma
Distribute and blend raw materials for the pharmaceutical and food industry offering a wide range of products such as inorganic salts, vitamins and mineral preparations.
Fitz Chem
Chemical raw materials.
The Dutch Export Site Unknown
Alphabetically listed site of products for export.
Lancaster Synthesis
Offers rare compounds through its catalogue.
Aurobindo Pharma Limted
Manufacturer of bulk drugs, drug intermediates, formulations and sterilie, oral dosages. Located in India.
Provider of advanced technology-based chemical tools for high throughput drug discovery.
Chiron Technologies
A wholly owned subsidiary of Mitokor, has a strong technical base in areas concerned with the parallel synthesis of large sets of individual compounds for screening purposes
Pharmaceutical- Sino-Resource Divsion
Major exporter and manufacturer in China for pharmaceutical material. All products arrive at BP and USP standard
Located in Argentina, and targeted at the domestic and international market offering raw materials used in the pharmaceutical and pharmochemical industries
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