Biochemical guide

and Raw materials.

Manufactures and distributes laboratory products, chemicals & pigments, health & human nuttrition products; based in Canada USA.
Bio Shop
Provides chemicals, biochemicals and life science products to researchers. Based in Canada.
Chemical reference material for pharmaceutical active substances. Based in Germany.
FermPro Manufacturing
Producers of enzymes, specialty chemicals, vitamins, biopesticides, agricultural specialties and intermediates. Located in South Carolina.
Dojindo Laboratories
Provides test kits, such as Protein Quantification kits, Cell Counting kits, and DNA Damage Quantification kit, in addition to a variety of chemical compounds for biomedical research.
BioMedical Resources
International source of raw materials for the diagnostic and biotechnology industry. Products include human plasma and serum, antibodies, clinical trial panels and quality control panels.
BioGenesis Enterprises, Inc.
Producer of industrial cleaning chemicals and provider of soil and sediment remediation services. Products and services are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Chemical Market
Listing of several major Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers of raw materials and intermediates.
Wenda International
Supplier of sweeteners, amino acids, vitamins, acidulants, antioxidants, preservatives, flavor enhancers and aroma chemicals.
Bioscience, an environmental biotechnology company providing products and services for analysis and biotreatment of waste water, soil, and sludge. Located in Bethlehem, PA USA.
Abmin Technologies
Develops, manufactures and markets biomaterials (bioactive glass) for oral, craniomaxillofacial and orthopedic applications.
India-based dealer in speciality drugs and chemicals.
Biomedical Technologies, Inc.
Providing reagents, assay kits and growth factors for life science research.
Ag Environmental Product
Manufacture methylated soybean oil that is used for alternative fuel, solvent and agricultural spray adjuvant.
A world leader in environmental biotechnology develops and distributes formulated microbial products for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment food service aquaculture bioremediation and institutional markets.
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