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With a focus on r&d and R&D.

Wiley Genetic Medicine Online
Peer reviewed journal with information for scientists working in gene transfer and its clinical applications.
Ibis Therapeutics
Developer of proprietary technology that integrates functional genomics, chemistry and mass spectrometry to identify small molecule drugs that work by binding to RNA.
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. has been a major force in advancing biotechnology research as both a leading supplier of custom oligonucleotide synthesis and a developer of innovative new biotechnologies.
Leinco Technologies
Develops, manufactures and markets biotechnical products and services for immunology, cell biology, neuroscience and molecular biology research.
Southern Research Institute
Not-for-profit contract research organization providing programs in drug discovery and development as well as in the areas of energy, environment, chemical and biological defense and engineering.
Center for Information Technology
Provides, coordinates and manages information technology at the National Institutes of Health. Conducts programs aimed to advance the use of computational science in biological and medical research.
Provider of biopsy specimen testing services for drug resistance. The company then uses the results to determine drug sensitivity to select a chemotherapy regimen. Services are provided to the pharmaceutical and medical industries. This compa.
I.N. Incorporated: Pharmaceuticals Research
Full service contract manufacturing and product design and development company supplying designs for medical, computer and consumer electronics industries.
Clinical Trials Research Unit
Conducts a research program primarily concerned with the causes, prevention and treatment of common cardiovascular diseases.
Rocky Mountain Instrumental Laboratories
Provides contract chromatographic and mass spectrometric analysis of pharmaceuticals, veterinary and human endocrinology, and forensic toxicology and other forensic testing and testimony.
Maas BiolAB LLC
Find research treatments for CNS disease, and develop them into medications available to neurological patients
Control Delivery Systems
Research and development organization that specializes in controlled drug delivery systems for severe pain medication and other applications. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Axiom is developing integrated, high throughput technologies that can dramatically accelerate the identification of quality lead compounds.
INC Research
Provides customized CNS product development support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.
Oneida Research Services
Provider of chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics testing services. Services are provided to the military and the semiconductor, microelectronic, optoelectronic, pharmaceutical, chemical and aerospace industries. Services are provided to th.
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