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Plus additional infos related to the Counter drugs and Pharmacy.

Forest Laboratories, Inc
Develops, manufactures and sells both branded and generic forms of ethical products as well as non-prescription pharmaceutical products sold over-the-counter, which are used for the treatment of a wide range of illnesses.
Hope Pharmaceuticals
Medicines that offer unique clinical benefits are described including: SCOPACE (scopolamine tablets) indicated to prevent motion sickness and SAL-TROPINE (atropine tablets) indicated to reduce salivation.
Rohto-Mentholatum Research Laboratories, Inc.
Responsible for market research, product development, regulatory affairs, GMP compliance, new business development and clinical/claims substantiation for OTC dermatological drug and cosmeceutical products.
Hindustan Tablets
HINDUSTAN TABLETS a company in manufacturing various range of products in tablets like aspirin,ibuprofen,paracetamol,ranitidine and expoter of medicine to the developing countries
Glades Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Specializing in generic dermatological products at competitive prices.
Oubari Pharmaceutical
Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products in Syria. Producing under license for the local market, and generics for export.
Contract Pharmacal Corp
Manufacturing nutritional supplements, over the counter drugs (OTC's) and prescription pharmaceuticals. Located in New York.
Lannett Co. Inc.
Manufacture of generic pharmaceuticals as well as being a one-stop, blend to bottle, DEA Class 1-5 approved contract manufacturer.
AkPharma, developers of Lactaid, Beano, Prelief, CatSip and CurTail, is dedicated to creating products to help you comfortably maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
Draxis Health, Inc.
Diversified and integrated pharmaceutical company operating in four niche markets.
SmithKline Beecham
Sheffield Laboratories
Manufactures products for many large national private label and brand name customers, including mass merchandisers and national chain drug stores throughout the United States.
Aster Cephac
provides services to companies involved in health care products including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, OTC’s, and nutraceutics
Pfizer Inc.
Research-based pharmaceutical company, dedicated to discovering, developing, and delivering innovative medicines for both humans and animals.
Manufacturer of cough medicine in the United States. Established in 1902.
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