Ophthalmolgy guide

and Ophthalmics.

Ciba Vision
A member of the health care division of Novartis, Ciba Vision manufactures a variety of prescription and non-prescription products to treat eye disorders.
Vision Pharmaceuticals
Supplier of eyedrops and antioxidant skin treatment.
Kobec Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer of ophthalmic products, based in Pakistan.
National Eye Institute Clinical Trials
Site providing a database or information on all completed and ongoing clinical trials supported by the NEI since 1970.
Alcon Labs
Alcon is a worldwide company committed to the discovery, development and manufacture of ophthalmic products and instrumentation.
Biocompatibles Eyecare, Inc.
Manufacturer of the medical and eye care technology, known as phosphorylcholine (PC) technology.
eBay: Ophthalmics
Online marketplace for buying and selling ophthalmics.
E. Fougera & Co
Multi-source topicals and ophthalmics, in the generic market.
Oculex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Oculex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company that is dedicated to developing new technology pharmaceuticals for treatment and prevention of major eye diseases.
Zeiss Humphrey
Zeiss Humphrey products are specifically designed and engineered to provide the eyecare profession with instrumentation to enhance the quality of patient care, increase practice efficiency, and improve diagnostic capabilities.
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