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With a focus on drug for AIDS and Experimental drug.

NIAID: Resource Guide Development
Contains information about NIH-funded resources (e.g., contracts), grant mechanisms via which investigators may seek their own funding, and points of contact among Division of AIDS
Centers for AIDS Research
Program at the National Institutes of Health provides administrative and shared research support to synergistically enhance and coordinate high quality AIDS research projects.
Baylor College of Medicine: Center for Aids Research
Support and facilitate multidisciplinary AIDS-related research activities at Baylor.
AIDS Education Global Information System
AIDS Information source, with links, news, publications and reference databases.
Washington University
Neurologic AIDS Research Consortium: supported by the National Institutes of Health to design and carry out clinical trials to improve the therapy for HIV induced neurologic disease, and neurologic conditions associated with the AIDS virus.
HIV Molecular Immunology Database
Annotated, searchable collection of HIV-1 cytotoxic and helper T-cell epitopes and antibody binding sites. These data are also available in the form of a printed HIV Molecular Immunology Compendium which is updated yearly.
National Cancer Institute, HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch
Information on clinical trials and research.
HIV Protease Database
Archive of experimentally determined 3-D structures of HIV1 and HIV2, and SIV proteases and their complexes.
University of Washington AVEU
Located in Seattle, our mission is to find a safe and effective vaccine that will prevent people from becoming infected with HIV.
Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group
Provides data for the approval of therapeutic agents, as well as the treatment and prevention strategies, for many opportunistic infections and malignancies
Cornell Clinical Trials Unit
Study of the safety and effectiveness of promising new treatments for people who are infected with HIV.
Aids Clinical Trials Information Service
Provides information about clinical trials which evaluate experimental drug treatments for adults and children at all stages of HIV/AIDS. It also contains vaccine trials for HIV prevention.
Harvard University
Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research: conduct statistical scientific activity in clinical trials and other public health research areas in HIV disease, to promote innovative strategies for medical interventions
Search for a Cure
Boston based not for profit organization whose mission is to provide education, promote access & advocate the Basic Human Right to safe and effective treatment for all people living with AIDS.
Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group
Organization for evaluating treatments for HIV-infected children and adolescents, and for developing new approaches for the interruption of mother-to-infant transmission.
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