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Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp. - Fact Sheet
Microscopic hollow/porous spheres that contain a drug stabilized within the shells of the spheres. The spheres are suspended in a fluorochemical liquid for administration into the lungs.
Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp.
Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp. has developed a novel particle engineering technology that enables the formulation of water soluble, lipophilic, as well as biomolecular drugs into aerodynamic powders for more efficient delivery to the lung — via m.
The Patent Cafe Magazine
Aradigm Corp.,is testing technology that may, within a couple of years, allow drugs such as insulin and morphine to be inhaled through the mouth in an aerosol form.
Drug & Devices Intercenter Agreement
Between the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health.
Drug delivery company profiles.
Offers biopharmaceutical companies a unique resource for the development of technology and alternative drug delivery systems.
I.N. Incorporated: Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Full service product design and development company with experties in drug delivery systems, electronic and mechanical engineering, electronic packaging and prototype development services.
Developer of electrosols, sprays formed by applying an electric field to a liquid, for pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.
Innovative Devices, LLC
Providing concept, design, development, and manufacture of cost-efficient drug delivery systems and devices.
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Pharmaceutical News
Advances in Protein Drug Delivery
Department of Drug Delivery Research
Scientific Output articles on drug delivery research.
ADD Technologies
A range of existing asthma therapies is being developed in pMDI’s using HFA propellants. The development of delivery systems for proteins and peptides via dry powder inhalers is in progress.
Electronic Insulin Inhaler Shows Quick Reduction Of Blood Sugar
Mid Carolina Internal Medicine Associates
Aerosol Therapy Article
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