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Pharmaceutical News
Advances in Protein Drug Delivery
Watson Pharmaceuticals
Development of innovative pharmaceutical products based on its transdermal, oral transmucosal, oral controlled-release, topical and cell-targeted drug delivery technologies.
Company specializing in oral drug delivery systems with integrated research and manufacturing capabilities.
DepoMed's Gastric Retention System is an advanced, polymer-based, oral drug delivery system that offers advantages in a number of medical applications
Oral Absorption
Comments on Oral Absorbtion From Some Experts
Research and development specializing in applying medicinal chemistry to therapeutic drug delivery.
Elan Corporation
Elan has grown to become a true leader of the drug delivery industry.
Aston University School of Life & Health Sciences Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Institute
Emphasis is on strategies for the delivery and targeting of polar, unstable and macromolecular therapeutic agents.
Controlled-Release Drug Delivery Systems: Mechanisms of Intestinal-Specific Polymeric Degradation
Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies AG
by forming liposomes at the point of delivery, presenting exciting Opportunities for novel delivery systems designed for dermal, mucocutaneous, pulmonary, oral and parenteral use
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