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3M Pharmaceuticals / Drug Delivery Systems
Manufacturer of transdermal, transmucosal and aerosol drug delivery systems and components. Products include films, tapes, liners, membranes, valves and canisters, as well as finished transdermal patches and metered dose inhalers. Products are.
Advanced Polymer Systems Inc
Advanced Polymer Systems is focused on the development and commercialization of polymer-based delivery systems and related technologies.
Biopharmaceutical company using liposomal drug delivery for products that have already shown safety and efficacy in generic form, and other products for increased circulation in limbs and to the heart.
Bio Sante Pharmaceuticals
Developer of hormone replacement products to treat testosterone deficiency in men and estrogen deficiency in women, as well as vaccines, vaccine adjuvants and drug delivery systems.
Medical Device Link
Polymers in Controlled Drug Delivery: New materials are enhancing innovative systems currently under development.
Developer of biomaterials used in drug, cell and gene delivery systems, self-forming implants and bioengineered tissues.
Biopharmaceutical company applying innovative drug re-engineering technologies to the development of new drugs.
Watson Pharmaceuticals
Development of innovative pharmaceutical products based on its transdermal, oral transmucosal, oral controlled-release, topical and cell-targeted drug delivery technologies.
Innovative Research of America
The mission of IRA is to provide scientists with improved and standardized technology of hormone and drug delivery in research animals.
Firm involved in the development and application of technologies to enhance drug delivery by exploiting the function of specific proteins involved in active transport of molecules into and through cells.
Company involved with the design and development of lipid-based drug delivery systems.
Controlled Release Society
The mission of CRS is to advance the science and technology of chemical and biological delivery systems.
Firm focused on the development and commercialization of peptide drug and delivery system technologies.
I.N. Incorporated: Drug Delivery Systems Design
Full service product design and development company providing drug delivery systems design and development, electronic and mechanical engineering software development and prototype development services.
Drug Delivery Research Group
Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Institute of Aston University. Drug Delivery Research Group homepage.
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