Vaccines guide

and Critical therapy.

CeNeS Pharmaceuticals
Developer of drugs for central nervous system disorders and pain control and controlled-release drug delivery products.
A prescription medication that can reverse bone loss. Manufactured by Procter & Gamble.
Biopharmaceutical company involved with research and development as well as marketing of new pharmaceutical products in the areas of autoimmune disease, inflammatory disorders, cancer, pain and bone disease.
International organization specializing in the collection of biological material from different diagnostic and demographic individuals for use in clinical research studies of diagnostic tools and potential cures.
Firm involved with discovery and development of glycotherapeutics for cancer, infectious diseases, inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.
Axcan Pharma
Development, the production and the marketing of innovative products in the field of gastroenterology.
Cell Lining
Biotechnology company focused on tissue engineering. Conducts isolation, propagation and marketing of normal primary cells of human and animal origin.
Pasteur Institute
Worldwide biomedical research organization aimed in finding the means to prevent and cure infectious diseases.
Proneuron Biotechnologies
Firm involved in the development of cell therapies and other treatment modalities for neurological, ophthalmological and immune-related disorders.
Biotechnology company focused on the development of vaccines and antibiotics for immunization and treatment of infectious diseases. Products are based on DNA adenine methylase (DAM) anti-microbial technology.
Metabolex, Inc.
Researcher and developer of therapeutic agents for diabetes. This company was capitalized by private investment and venture capital.
Achillion Pharmaceuticals
Involved in the discovery and development of therapeutic agents, with an emphasis on antiviral drugs to treat infections caused by hepatitis viruses, herpes viruses and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
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