Cancer guide

and Critical therapy.

Engaged in the research, development and commercialization of unique antibody-based immunotherapeutics, initially for the treatment of cancer.
Varian Vacuum Technologies
Manufacturer of vacuum systems and equipment including valves, pumps, vacuum systems, transducers, detection equipment and pressure controllers. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by corporate investment.
Solux Corporation
Company specializing in production of bulk pharmaceuticals with emphasis on anthracyclin chemotheratherapeutic agents. Outsourcing orders are welcome.
Genzyme Molecular Oncol.
Developing cancer products, with a focus on cancer vaccines and angiogenesis inhibitors.
Zarix, Ltd.
Zarix, Ltd. was formed to identify opportunities for in-licensing and developing a novel portfolio of oncology compounds.
Firm focused on the discovery and development of drug molecules that leverage the cycle of drug resistance in cancer and infectious disease.
NCI CancerNet
National Cancer Institute, site of related information for patients, physicians, and lists of newly approved drugs.
Octamer, Inc.
Company developing novel pharmaceuticals directed against AIDS, human cancers, glaucoma, and chronic inflammatory diseases.
Biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of efficient and innovative therapeutics in the area of cancer and cardiac disease.
Diatide, Inc.
Diatide (Nasdaq: DITI) is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing a line of disease-specific, diagnostic and therapeutic drugs for the treatment and diagnosis of life-threatening conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Key Oncologics
Biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the treatment of cancer and allied diseases in the South African market.
Developer of cancer therapeutics, including small-molecule CDK inhibitors, small-molecule complexes and intelligent delivery and targeting systems.
Drug discovery and development company involved with small-molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy-induced side effects and certain degenerative diseases.
Inex Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Proprietary drug delivery systems and therapeutic compounds to increase the effectiveness and reduce the side-effects of anti-cancer therapies.
Atairgin Technologies
Healthcare technology company focused on developing diagnostic products and treatments to improve the quality of women's health in the areas of cancer, pregnancy and reproductive health.
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