Pharmaceutical on the Net

With a focus on regulatory consultants and Consulting.

Regulatory Affairs, North America LLC
Provides services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries in the areas of FDA submissions, compliance, SOPs, product development, and project management.
Integrated Safety Systems, Inc. (ISS)
Specializing in Pre- and Post-Marketing Pharmaceutical Safety and Surveillance
Beckloff Associates, Inc.
Assisting clients in bringing new pharmaceutical products to market, by developing efficient scientific regulatory strategies that reduce the overall development time for new pharmaceutical products
McCulley/Cuppan LLC
Provides a variety of solutions to the biopharm industry for resolving document development problems to meet global regulatory expectations and business demands.
Services and products include research tools, genomic services and regulatory consultancy.
Provides quality systems for product design, manufacturing efficiency, and responsiveness to customers. Consultancy in interfacing with FDA and regulatory bodies.
MJW Corporation
Provides a wide variety of radiological consulting services as well as software solutions for health physics and other technical applications.
CRO Group
Contract organization for medical, biotechnology, and in vitro diagnostic device companies in CE Marking, design and development, clinical trials, QA, regulatory, reimbursement.
Pharmaffair Inc.
Consulting firm for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies in the areas of regulatory affairs and manufacturing.
William Trilsch & Associates
Quality Assurance and Regualtory Affairs consulting firm serving the biopharmaceutical industries.
PPD Pharmaco
Has a regulatory affairs staff with a broad range of registration experiences and regulatory authority liaison experience.
DevStrat Group Consulting Alliance
A consortium of independent consulting specialists that offers experience and expertise in a number of functional areas for the development and operation of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
A Canadian pharmaceutical, biological, and medical device consultancy which provides regulatory affairs and Good Manufacturing Practice services.
Bright & Associates, Inc.
Consulting firm serving the medical device, pharmaceutical and related industries in specialized areas of regulatory affairs and quality assurance.
The HST Consulting Network GmbH
Provides global regulatory strategies in Europe by coaching and cooperating in all parts of this process. Based in Switzerland.
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