Pharmaceutical on the Net

With a focus on consulting and Consulting.

Provides a complete range of product development services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries throughout Europe and the USA.
Medical Communication Company
Medical and scientific writing and publishing for pharmaceutical and medical companies
Pharmaceutical Services Inc.
A Pharmaceutical Consultancy Agency active in the European Union, covering European and National Pharmaceutical Business Development.
Medication consultation and information including articles, Drug monographs, Drug interactions.
SteriGenics International
Sterilization, microorganism reduction and radiation (ionization) services.
Objective Insights, Inc.
Provides your company with marketing and financial analysis to help you make informed decisions about your business opportunities.
Supplier of reagents and consulting for arthritis research, biochemistry and immunology of collagen.
Cato Holding Co.
Parent/holding company with high-tech units involved in research and development in all phases of the pharmaceutical development process for drugs, biologics and medical devices; and blood vessel growth R&D.
Sequencia Corp.
Developer of plant automation software. Also a provider of ERP to plant floor integration applications and consulting services. Software runs on multiple process platforms. Products and services are sold to the specialty chemicals, pharmaceut.
Northview Biosciences, Inc.
Provider of research and development support and contract testing for the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries. The company offers GMP and GLP laboratory services in analytical chemistry, immunology, microbiology and toxi.
Enzyme Services and Consultancy
Provider of laboratory services, contract research and development, and consulting to users of industrial enzymes.
Pharmametrics GmbH
Epidemiological and health economic intelligence.
Viridae Clinical Services
Specializing in antiviral research and testing, specializing in herpes and hepatitis.
Biology Editors
Proofreading and editing of manuscripts, reports, proposals, and other scholarly documents in all disciplines of biology, biomedicine, and biotechnology.
Murty Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Services scientific, professional, technical, manufacturing, quality control, and regulatory fields through effective commitment and compliance with cGMP/GLP regulations.
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