Clinical references

Find more on trial patient and Clinical drug trials.
Patient and clinical trial matching service providing patients with information about research therapies on their condition and informing the public of ongoing clinical trials.
Source for information for current clinical trials being conducted nationwide as well as contact information.
Pharmaceutical Research Plus
Specializes in accelerated patient recruitment for clinical trials.
Services in data management, SAS programming, biostatistics, clinical site monitoring and clinical project management.
Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center
Patient recruitment and public liaison office is a service offered by the Center at the National Institutes of Health.
BBK Patient Recruitment
Clinical trial patient recruitment. We provide complete, creative marketing communications solutions for the healthcare medical marketplace.
Trial Builder
Provider of patient recruitment services for clinical research studies. Designs radio, television, print, mail and Internet advertising to attract patients who match the study's protocol.
Clinical Solutions
Integrated marketing agency focused on clinical trial marketing communications: patient recruitment and subject retention.
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