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Bayh-Dole Act -- A Guide
This document, which deals with the Bayh-Dole Act, is intended to inform the public about technology transfer at U.S. research universities.
Formerly theSITEjournal. Clinical research practice journal with articles on relevant issues and events.
Managing Externally Funded Programs at Colleges and Universities
Published by Council on Government Relations, on management of research funds.
Access to and Retention of Research Data: Policy Considerations
Electronic version provided by the Council on Governmental Relations (COGR).
Review of University-Industry Research Relationships (via Penn State)
Purposes of this paper are to inform a broad audience about the nature and scope of university-industry research relationships and to promote better understanding of these important relationships.
Clinical Trials Advisor
A twice-monthly newsletter that brings information and advice to help ensure that your pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials are more cost effective, timely and compliant.
Society for Clinical Trials
List of publications from the society.
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