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Cells for Life, Ltd.
Services in concentration and cryopreservation.
Lifebank Cord Blood Banking
Processing, banking and storage services of cord blood stem cells.
Lifebank USA
Umbilical cord stem cell storage services.
UCLA Umbilical Cord Blood Bank
Research and support for bone marrow transplants by banking umbilical cord blood from a variety of ethnic groups.
Umbilical cord blood storage facility in Charleston, SC specializing in the collection, banking, preservation, and storage of stem cells.
New England Cord Blood Bank
Offering cord blood processing and storage services.
Cryobank for Oncologic and Reproductive Donors
Provides umbilical cord blood storage.
Cryobanks International
Stem cell storage and delivery company for human cell tissue for patient transplants.
Services to collect and preserve your baby’s umbilical cord blood.
Cord Blood Registry
Services in processing and storing cord blood, located in the University of Arizona.
The Cell Bank
Provides a service, primarily to the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, to store, in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen, samples frozen in standard cryovials.
Newborn Blood Banking, Inc.
Cord blood banking and processing services.
LIFECord Inc.
National cord blood collection service dedicated exclusively to the collection and storage of umbilical cord blood.
A Parent's Guide to Choosing a Private Cord Blood Bank
Mission is to provide an impartial evaluation of cord blood storage options for parents who are contemplating this form of medical 'insurance'.
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