Stem guide

Plus additional infos related to cell tools and Biotechnology.

Celox Laboratories
Specializing in serum free cell preservative and culture technologies.
Interface Multigrad Technology
Develops innovative technologies for cryopreservation of cells and tissues, particularly gametes.
Linkam Heating/Freezing Stages
Specializing in the design and manufacture of thermal stages.
Company supplying a complementary range of scientific laboratory equipment in the fields of cell culture, low temperature storage, cryopreservation and centrifugation.
Cryopreservation Data Manager
Offers collection of donor material, storage at various levels, recovery of tracking counts and implantation to a host, while transferring donor pedigree.
Company which supplies and services instruments for the cryobiological specialty sciences and the fields of assisted reproductive technologies.
Asymptote Ltd,
Specializing in controlling solidification - freezing and crystallisation - providing consultancy, and selling its cryopreservation and freezing products.
Nalge Nunc International
Supplier of products for cryogenic storage, cell culture, molecular biology, and immunology.
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