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Molecular Visualization Freeware
Software for looking at macromolecular structure and its relation to function.
MiraiBio, Inc.
Products include imaging solutions, microarray systems, bioinformatic software and DNA/RNA/protein quantitation for use in the genetic and molecular biology laboratory in fields such as proteomics, genomics, drug discovery, academia, and forensi.
Computer aided learning for quantitative genetics.
Biotech Browser
Information tool for professionals in the biotechnology industry, or for those who are tracking the industry's companies. A software program that floats above your browser and gives one-click access to one-stop company information, supported by .
Provider of software and consulting services for data analysis in several areas of biotechnology research.
Universal Imaging Corp.
Developer of image analysis software for the biotechnology and research industries. Company also provides systems integration services. The software runs on Windows systems.
Provides a custom database kernel, with a non-standard data model designed specifically for handling scientific data, and a graphical user interface with many specific displays and tools for genomic data.
Digital Gene Technologies, Inc.
Developer of TOGA(tm), Total Gene Expression Analysis, system which provides access to information about genetic mapping and allows biotechnology companies to analyze genes with the complementary software. Products are sold to the biotechnology.
Developer of software systems that accelerate and simplify genetic discovery through automated genetic data analysis.
A Macintosh program for simulating and testing polymerase chain reactions (PCRs). It can also be used as a tool for designing primers by evaluating candidates.
Exeter Software
Developer of genetic and biotech software that includes a statistical and graphical package built in. The software runs on IBM and Macintosh computers. Software is sold to universities and to biotech companies. This company was capitalized by.
Developer of software and web service solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
CodonCode Corp.
Provides software tools for the biotechnology industry, such as DNA sequencing.
Sanger Centre
Links to software for production sequencing, physical mapping and informatics analysis.
MACE Colony Count Software
High-speed software program for counting and characterizing colonies of bacteria and mammalian cells in petri dishes.
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