Proteomics guide

and Biotechnology.

Developers of Biopendium™, a resource of protein structure and function information that enables the identification of distantly related proteins and exploration of the human proteome.
Proteomics company focusing on colorectal cancer research.
Homologous Bacterial Genes Database
A database system that contains all the protein sequences of bacteria organized into families. It allows one to select sets of homologous genes from bacterial species and to visualize multiple alignments and phylogenetic trees.
Provider of products and services for large-scale analysis of gene expression and protein levels.
Integrated Protein Technologies
Specialist in integrated protein technologies (IPT) to produce therapeutic proteins from transgenic corn and other plants.
Proteome Page
Vertical portal for proteomic research. Provides a variety of resources including news, conference information, journals and company listings.
The Aberdeen Proteome Facility
Facility performing research in protein characterization.
MiraiBio, Inc.
Products include imaging solutions, microarray systems, bioinformatic software and DNA/RNA/protein quantitation for use in the genetic and molecular biology laboratory in fields such as proteomics, genomics, drug discovery, academia, and forensi.
Harvard Institute of Proteomics (HIP)
At Harvard Medical School.
Combinatorial Extension of Polypeptides
Combinatorial extension of the optimal path, a method for finding 3-D similarities in protein structures.
Protein Science
A publication of the Protein Society, encompases the structure, function, and biochemical significance of proteins.
Functional proteomics company dedicated to the identification of novel biological targets involved in key cellular functions, using protein-protein interactions to discover lead compounds.
University of Toronto's Program in Proteomics and Bioinformatics
Department and faculty information, program description and resource links.
University of Louisville Proteomics Laboratory
The investigators have expertise in artificial membrane structure, cellular responses after blood-surface interactions, and proteomics.
Genomic Comparisons of Membrane Transport Systems
Lists of the transporters from each organism are provided from the pull down menus.
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