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Mouse EST Project
From Washing University, School of Medicine.
A useful animal model of type II diabetes with obesity. Our company has been providing the OLETF rat as useful resources for diabetes study.
Gene mapping data, locus query form, links to maps, and guidelines for rat genome research.
Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome
This server provides data extracted and compiled from, the 1997-98 Mouse Chromosome Committee Reports, Release 15 of the MIT microsatellite map, the recombinant inbred strain database of R.W. Elliott.
The Whole Mouse Catalog
A central place to find numerous Internet resources of particular interest to scientific researchers using mice or rats in their work.
A Database Of Transcribed Sequences
A database of clustered and assembled partial gene sequences (ESTs) and mRNA sequences from human and mouse. Its goal is to become a comprehensive cross-species gene index.
Dictionary of the mouse genome, providing data extracted and compiled from mouse genome projects.
Frontiers in Bioscience
Data regarding the phenotypes rendered by the knockout of various molecules are presented.
Mouse Genome Database
Contains information on mouse genetic markers, molecular segments, phenotypes, comparative mapping data, experimental mapping data, and graphical displays for genetic, physical, and cytogenetic maps.
TIGR Mouse Gene Index
Integrates research data from international mouse gene research projects. All data in the Index are freely available and do not require a user account for access.
The Transgenic/Targeted Mutation Database
An attempt to organize information on transgenic animals and targeted mutations generated and analyzed worldwide.
University of California Resource of Gene Trap Insertions
Resource of gene trap insertions in mouse embryonic stem cells and mutant mice generated in a collaboration between the labs of Bill Skarnes at U.C. Berkeley and Marc Tessier-Lavigne at U.C. San Francisco.
Mouse Encyclopedia Index
cDNA library, clustering algorithm, research information and policy guidelines.
The Dysmorphic Human-Mouse Homology Database
This application consists of three separate databases of human and mouse malformation syndromes together with a database of mouse/human syntenic regions. The mouse and human malformation databases are linked together through the chromosome synte.
Data bank of expression information of human and mouse genes in various tissues or cell types.
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