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ANZSMS E-Mail Discussion Group
serves as an interactive E-mail discussion group concerning mass spectrometry matters of interest to ANZSMS members.
A set of electronic communication forums - the bionet USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists - used by biological scientists worldwide.
National Cancer Institute Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center Mass Spectrometry Interest Group
Informal monthly meetings are aimed at improving communication and awareness among those with an interest in mass spectrometry through discussion of current literature, techniques, applications, and continuing education
National Institutes of Health Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
Information on research, publications and members.
East Tennessee Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
A non-profit organization established to provide a forum for local mass spectrometrists to meet together and discuss current research and related topics.
Madison-Chicago-Milwaukee Mass Spec Discussion Group
Provides a forum to learn more about mass spectrometry, to share your ideas and work with others in the field, and most important, to meet and talk with other spectrometrists in the area.
ISOGEOCHEM Stable Isotope Geochemistry Listserver
To promote the exchange of news and information among those with an interest in stable isotope geochemistry, and to provide new contacts and enhance collaboration among researchers from different disciplines (e.g. geology, biology, chemistry).
North Jersey Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
At each meeting an invited speaker discusses a topic of interest in the field of mass spectrometry. All members of the scientific community are invited to these meetings.
Minnesota Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
Consists of people involved in technical areas utilizing mass spectrometry as the major analytical technique.
LASAB Listserver
This list is intended as an informal forum for the discussion of topics related to analytical techniques using laser ablation sampling. Workers in the areas of laser ablation ICP-MS, laser ablation ICP-OES, and related fields are encouraged to j.
Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
Committee and contact information.
TIMS listserver
Thermal ionization mass spectrometry page, hosted by Syracuse University.
Washington-Baltimore Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
Upcoming events, officers and sponsor information.
San Francisco Bay Area Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
Provides a regular gathering for people interested in mass spectrometry and allied topics.
Sci.techniques.mass-spec Listserver
A mailing list has been set up for sci.techniques.mass-spec.
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