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UK Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre
Provides access to leading-edge tools for research in the fields of genomics, genetics and functional genomics. It is located on the Hinxton Genome Campus along with the Sanger Centre and the European Bioinformatics Institute.
Stanford Human Genome Center-Radiation Hybrid Maps
The purpose of the RH Server is to allow users to anonymously submit STSs to see which SHGC-typed markers on either the G3 or the TNG panels are closest to the user's submitted marker. Users can then attempt to place their markers on the SHGC G3.
X Chromosome Mapping Project
Genome database, project information, and staff information.
A human cDNA database achieved through a large-scale human cDNA analysis project.
IMB Department of Genome Analysis Sequence Repository
Access to the chromosome projects that have been sequenced at Institute of Molecular Biotechnology.
The MIM Gene Map of the human X chromosome
Cytogenetic map location of disease genes and other expressed genes described in OMIM.
TIGR Database
A collection of curated databases containing DNA and protein sequence, gene expression, cellular role, protein family, and taxonomic data for microbes, plants and humans.
Chromosome 9
This resource enables the collaboration of investigators and dissemination of information relevant to chromosome 9.
Mutation registry for X-linked agammaglobulinemia.
Albinism Database
produced by the International Albinism Center at the University of Minnesota. This database includes mutations associated with all major known forms of oculocutaneous and ocular albinism. The Albinism Database is part of the HUGO Mutation Databa.
Center for Medical Genetics
Research focuses on the hunt for genes which influence human health disorders.
Center for Human Genome Studes
From Los Alamos National Laboratory, conducting genomic sequencing of human DNA.
Mutation Database for X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy
This database has been initiated to collect data on mutations and polymorphisms in the X-ALD (ABCD1) gene. The aim of this website is to make this information readily accessible and to provide an easy way for reporting new X-ALD mutations.
Chromosome 22
An international consortium of sequencing centres has released into the public domain the genetic code of the 33.5 million bps that comprise the euchromatic portion of human chromosome 22.
The Integrated X Chromosome Database
The purpose of IXDB is to provide an integrated view of the X chromosome mapping field. Ultimately this will allow the construction of an integrated map that will take into account all the data generated by the community, including physical, gen.
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