Genomic resources

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Sheep MAP
Sheep genome mapping project progress, resource links, government sponsorships and ethics.
Human Genome Project Resources
Links to project resources, servers and databases on the human genome project.
Genome sequencing project on goats, and its database.
Sheep Gene Mapping
Gene mapping meeting notes, links to other resources, genome maps and workshop notes, published by the Center for Animal Biotechnology, University of Melbourne.
Anubis is a multi-species genome visualisation tool for use over the World Wide Web, developed at the Roslin Institute as part of the pig and chicken genome mapping initiative, adapted for sheep, horse and cattle databases.
Research information and database of horse genome mapping project.
Cytogenetic Correspondence in the Linkage Map
Java applet to survey cytogenetic correspondences in the linkage map between mouse and human, pig, cattle and rat.
Animal Genome Database
Genomic database search, research information, and links to hosts for gene mapping in Japan.
Roslin Institute Online
International center for research on molecular and quantitative genetics of farm animals, and poultry science, with major programmes on the biology of reproduction, developmental biology and growth, and animal welfare and behaviour.
The ARK Database Family
Animal genome mapping databases, which currently extends to pigs, chicken and sheep. The interface is divided into sections depending on what kind of objects you are querying (loci/markers, publication references, clones and libraries).
Livestock Genome Mapping Programmes
Links to genome databases of several livestock animals.
Transgenic and Targeted Mutant Animal Database
From the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Xenopus laevis Database
A database focusing on gene expression in the frog Xenopus laevis. It is the web companion to our paper describing a large-scale in situ hybridization screening in Xenopus embryos.
Situated at the Roslin Institute, with resources to mapping and sequencing data, and related links.
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