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Development of DNA expression and delivery technologies for human and veterinary applications.
Discovery and development of proprietary platform technologies and small-molecule therapeutic products based on gene regulation and signal transduction.
Novalon Pharmaceutical Corp.
Researcher and developer of drug discovery programs for antivirals, antibacterials, antifungals and cancer treatments. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Athersys, Inc.
Researcher and developer of two proprietary platform technologies: the RAGE gene expression and discovery technology; and the SYNTHETIC MICROCHROMOSOME (artificial human chromosome) vector system with applications in gene therapy, transgenics an.
Scrutinizing gene therapy
Istituto di Ricerche di Biologia Molecolare - IRBM
Center involved in the discovery and development of medicines to treat human viral diseases and cancer. Specializes in hepatitis C and gene therapy research.
Biotechnology company using human genetic information to develop, manufacture and market pharmaceuticals that address significant medical needs.
ImmunoScience, Inc.
biotechnology company with scientists and investors to further develop and market a saliva diagnostic apparatus, a saliva based test for HIV-1 and HIV-2 (SALIVAX™) and a very exciting prod uct - a potential cure for AIDS named Contre-Vir&#1.
Developer of databases that depict gene expression patterns in the three-dimensional context of the brain's structures for use in the discovery and development of gene targets related to brain function and disease.
Dentigenix, Inc.
Developer of dental implant, denture, and root canal alternatives. This company has identified and begun development programs on a pipeline of products utilizing biologically based techniques to create practical therapies for use by both genera.
Reading Automation & Technical Maintenance, Inc.
Custom manufacturer of factory automation equipment including robots and materials handling equipment. Services are provided to the plastic injection molding industry.
Panel Seeks Better Monitoring of Experiments Using People
Bio Online
Site for information and services related to biotechnology and pharmaceutical research on the Internet, combining resources of the biotechnology companies, biotechnology centers, research and academic institutions, industry suppliers, government.
Signal Pharmaceuticals
An integrated drug discovery company focused on identifying new classes of small molecule drugs that selectively regulate disease-associated genes.
Gene Therapy Clinical Trials
An information source on all aspects of human gene therapy. It offers an international comprehensive summary of both published and ongoing clinical trials. Also includes reviews on basic and therapeutic issues
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