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Cloning: Are Humans Next?
Publication in the World Book Encyclopedia on cloning. Related links to further information.
Promega Corp.
Manufacturer of molecular biology products and provider of cloning and mapping, protein analysis, cellular regulation and purification services. The company also manufactures biotech applications for genetic identity testing and food processing.
Cloning Special Report
Special report from New Scientist, gives an instant update as well as looking at the wider issues.
American Qualex
Reagents, kits, assays and contract laboratory services for genetic research.
Slouching Towards Creation: Peering Into the Face of Cloning
Article on Dolly the sheep, and its impact on ethics, and future biotechnology trends.
ATG Laboratories
Contract R&D laboratory that provides custom molecular cloning and expression services.
Spark of Science, a Storm of Controversy
Article in, regarding controversy of cloning.
Paper titled Mammalian Development by Rosa Beddington of National Institue for Medical Research.
Digital Gene Technologies
Combines patented genomics technology with advanced bioinformatics to identify and determine anatomical distribution and expression patterns of the genes contained in any cell or tissue sample.
Infigen, Inc.
Developer of applications of nuclear transfer and related proprietary technologies for cloning purposes. Products are sold to the agricultural and human healthcare industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
OriGene Technologies, Inc.
Offers a line of molecular biology products useful for gene identification, cloning and expression analysis.
Conceiving a Clone
Information, discussion and updates on clone technology.
Genetic Engineering and Cloning
Information source on cloning and its issues.
CPG, Inc.
Producer of molecular biology kits and reagents. Products include nucleic acid isolation and detection, PCR product tools, biochemicals, controlled pore glass for chromatography, DNA & RNA synthesis products, magnetic porous glass products and .
Clone World
Explanation of clone technology.
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