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Monoclonal Antibody Index: Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
A biotechnology database with updated information on the most important monoclonal antibodies produced for the diagnosis and therapy of human cancer.
QED Biosciences
Antibody products and custom services.
A Gentle Guide to Multiple Alignment
Online tutorial about multiple alignment. Includes information about the Carrillo-Lipman Method for Optimal Multiple Alignment and Heuristic alignment examples.
American Institute of Immunology Gallery
Includes immunology-related photographs as well as photographs related to the institute.
Antiphospholipid Antibodies and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Information about antiphospholipid antibodies and lupus erythematosus, including diagnosis and treatment.
Query interface to the Kabat antibody sequence data, general information on antibodies and crystal structures and links to other antibody-related information.
Antibodies From Design to Assay
Practical guide to designing antigens, synthesizing peptides, conjugation of peptides, immunizations, immunoassays and purifying antibodies.
Antibody Cross Reactivity Resource
Bulletin board for scientists to post data on cross-reactivity of monoclonal antibodies for a variety of species.
Information Resources for Adjuvants and Antibody Production
Directory of related resources, including a general overview of adjuvants, workshops, bibliographies, guidelines and policies and organizations.
Antibody Group
Investigates the relations between the amino acid sequence, the three-dimensional structure and the corresponding function of the antibody molecules, as a model of molecular recognition.
Web Antibody Modelling
An online facility for modeling antibodies, based on the modeling algorithm AbM.
The Antibody Engineering Page
Provides an introduction to the field of antibody engineering. Includes information about recombinant antibodies, expression systems, selection protocols and antibody engineering links.
Conjugation of Monoclonal Antibodies to Fluorescent Dyes
Protocols, notes and various illustrations are given to aid in the conjugation of proteins, principally monoclonal antibodies, to fluorescent dyes.
Frequently Referenced Antibody Tables
Directory of tables related to antibodies, including domains, structure, classes, techniques and assays.
Educational and informational resource on the topic of immunology.
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