Xray guide

Plus additional infos related to film, Medical Supplies and Healthcare.

RAY-TEK inc.
Supplier of casting supplies, orthopedic soft goods and X-ray film.
C.O.D. Medical
Distributors of a wide variety of medical x-ray films.
Xray Solutions
Distributor of Hope MicroMAX© and HI- CAP© film
White Mountain Imaging, Inc.
Manufacturer of x-ray chemicals. Reseller of process supply accessories. Products are sold to the medical industry. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Raynostix Corp.
Supplier of X-ray film and accessories through a purchasing cooperative.
Doctor's Supply - X-ray Film
Specializes in providing medical supplies to healthcare facilities including high quality X-ray film and Endermologie® machines.
Advanced Medical X-Ray
Distributor of medical X-Ray film, accessories, supplies, and equipment.
HiTech Medical Inc.
Distributes American-made X-ray film under its own label.
ValueMed X-Ray Film
Online supplier of X-ray film, processors and equipment.
eBay: X-Ray Film
Online marketplace for buying and selling x-ray film.
Fuji Medical Systems, USA
Producer of radiographic X-ray film and computed radiography equipment for clinical and scientific applications.
Mackie X-Ray
Supplier of intra-oral and extra-oral X-ray film and accessories.
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