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Plus additional infos related to medical equipment, Medical Supplies and Healthcare.

Company specializing in the sale of new and used medical equipment and software consulting.
Life Medical Equipment
Refurbished and new hospital, laboratory and diagnostic equipment. Located in Miamia, Florida. Auction area.
Linac Systems Inc.
Supplier, servicing, installation, inspections, and removal of pre-owned Siemens medical linear accelerators.
Evergreen Medical Group
List of new, used, and refurbished medical equipment.
MCP International, Inc.
Used and remanufactured linear accelerators, simulators and CT simulators and accessories for radiation oncology.
Medelco Medical Electronics Company, Inc.
Used medical and hospital equipment: patient monitors, defibrillators, cardiology equipment, anesthesia monitoring, telemetry monitoring. Located in Boynton Beach, Florida.
AKW Medical
Catalog of new, used, and refurbished medical equipment.
Venture Enterprises International, Inc.
Catalog of used hospital and laboratory equipment. Located in Miami, Florida.
Regional Health Care Equipment Services
Refurbished medical and dental equipment. Located in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Wil-Med Global, Inc.
Refurbishing of dialysis machines.
Adept Medical Concepts
Specialized sales of new and used medical equipment such as ultrasound, anesthesia, surgical microscopes, patient monitoring, electro surgical devices, beds, lights and laboratory equipment.
Lancet Corporation
Distribution of new and refurbished medical and home care equipment and supplies, paticularly oxygen concentrators. Located in Miami, Florida.
Endure Medical, Inc.
Catalog of new and refurbished medical microscopes. Located in Cummings, Georgia.
Integrity Medical Systems, Inc.
Catalog of refurbished medical equipment.
Whittemore Enterprises, Inc.
Searchable database and catalog of refurbished medical equipment.
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