Ultrasound references

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DWL Elektronische Systeme GmbH
Design and manufacture of medical ultrasound transcranial and vascular doppler systems, plus neurophysiology systems. Headquartered in Germany.
Manufacturer and exporter of Ecg gel, ultrasound gel and disposable hospital wear. Also, distributes Ecg electrodes, diathermy plates, diathermy pencils and defibrillation electrodes.
Diagnostic Technology Systems
Catalog of diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems and general medical equipment.
Imaging Specialist
Buyer and seller of refurbished ultrasound equipment.
Designs and manufactures ultrasonic piezocomposite transducers for industrial and medical applications. Headquartered in Besançon, France.
Sonora Medical Systems
Certified remanufacturer of ultrasound equipment. Offers new and used ultrasound equipment, ultrasound transducers and accessories.
eBay: Ultrasound Devices
Online marketplace for buying and selling ultrasound devices.
Sonotech Medical Scanning Gels
Manufacturer of medical scanning gels for use with ultrasound applications.
Gentronics International
Resource for obtaining new and used medical diagnostic ultrasound equipment and accessories.
Ohmic Instruments Co.
Manufacturer of ultrasound and medical safety equipment test equipment and humidity sensing equipment. Products are sold to the medical, plastics and telecommunications industries.
Ambassador Medical
Refurbishes and supplies used ultrasound equipment.
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