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ReGen Biologics
Designs, develops and manufactures minimally invasive implants and medical devices for the repair and regeneration of damaged or degenerating cartilage in the knee.
Center for the Biorestoration of Oral Health
Conducts research to improve the health and quality of life for patients with various oral, dental, and craniofacial defects, disorders and diseases. Located at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.
Dentigenix, Inc.
Dental Implant, Denture, and Root Canal Alternatives. Developing tissue regeneration products utilizing stem cell biology, cellular therapy, protein therapy, biocompatible scaffolds, and biomineralization chemistry to create practical therapies.
Chimeric Therapies, Inc.
Development of tissue engineering and patient conditioning technologies to enable successful bone marrow and solid organ transplants between mismatched donors and patients.
CaP Biotechnology
Conducts research and development of calcium phosphate materials and devices that serve as carriers for the delivery of tissues and biological factors.
Circe Biomedical, Inc.
Researcher and developer of HepatAssist Liver Assist System, an extracorporeal, bioartificial liver incorporating porcine hepatocytes (pig liver cells), which is designed to treat acute and chronic liver failure by temporarily providing essentia.
TestResources: Biomedical Tissue Testing
Supplier of research quality soft tissue test systems including miniature extensometers, grips and software.
Involved in the development of orthobiologic products for bone and cartilage regeneration, using combined technology from tissue biology and biomaterial science.
Manufacturer of three-dimensional tissue culture systems for the growth of differentiated human cells outside of the body.
Developer of tissue-engineered products, including skin, bone and cartilage for use in clinical settings.
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
Researcher and developer of regenerative human stem cell technologies for eventual use in therapeutic products. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Isto Technologies
Involved in the development of engineered tissues and chemical compounds for the repair and regeneration of human tissue.
Developer and manufacturer of bioabsorbable tissue-engineering scaffolds (IMMIX) for the repair and replacement of musculoskeletal tissues.
Advanced Pathology Systems, Inc.
Developer of visualization software that allows tissue samples and other research material to be viewed in three-dimensional high resolution. Software runs on Pentium computers. Products are sold to the medical and healthcare industries. This.
F7 Sound and Vision
Developer and seller of royalty-free original sound effects for CD-ROMs and the Internet. Developer of unique sound recordings on CD-ROM for CD-ROM presentations, music releases, radio advertisements, Internet and radio broadcasts. Provider of.
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