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Cholestech Corp.
Manufacturer and developer of diagnostic systems for the screening and monitoring of diseases including heart disease and diabetes. The equipment is designed for use in the preventative healthcare market at the point of care. Products are sold t.
Passy-Muir, Inc.
Manufacturer of positive closure tracheostomy and ventilator speaking valves and related equipment used by children and adults who have a tracheostomy and who may also be ventilator dependent. Products are sold to hospitals, physicians and equi.
VenPro Corp.
Manufacturer of pulmonary heart valves. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by venture capital.
Ablation Technologies
Development of the ThermoRod™ System for the thermal ablation (destruction) of localized cancers; investigational use only. Clinical papers.
Manufacturer of Bowflex(tm), a strength training and fitness system which incorporates rods to provide resistance. Products are sold to consumers and the physical therapy market.
Sulzer Carbomedics, Inc.
Manufacturer of heart valves and components. Products are sold to medical industry.
Catalog of endoscopic forceps and accessories.
Surgical Dynamics.
Manufacturer of surgical instruments used in spinal surgery. Products are sold to the medical industry.
LifeStream International, Inc.
Manufacturer of medical products used in open-heart bypass surgery. Products include blood filters, reservoirs, hemoconcentrators, custom tubing packs, suction pumps, and catheters. Parent/holding company with high-tech units in the medical indu.
Access Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of specialized lifts for the handicapped and the elderly including wheelchairs, stair lifts and elevators. The company also manufacturers standard residential elevators. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Possis Medical, Inc.
Manufacturer of vascular thrombectomy systems. Products are sold to the medical industry.
Atrium Medical Corp.
Manufacturer of vascular grafts, chest drainage systems, thoracic catheters and autotransfusion systems. Products are sold to medical industry.
NjeX Medical Systems
Sealed cartridge implanting device for implanting seeds, stents, controlled release pharmaceuticals and other applications. Located in City of Industry, California.
Accu-Line Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of surgical skin markers. Products are sold to the medical industry. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Manufacturer of data acquisition equipment, EPICS(tm) cell analysis flow cytometers, microtiter instruments, particle analyzers, blood analysis equipment, cell counters and hermatology and cytometry analysis systems; human diagnostic monoclonal .
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