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AllHeart: Medical Soft Goods
Supplies medical soft goods, including lab coats, scrubs, hosiery, socks, dressings, and bandages.
Lake Region Manufacturing, Inc.
OEM provider of medical wire formed and machined devices. Parent/holding company with a high-tech operating unit also involved in custom medical wire manufacturing services. Products and services are sold to the medical industry.
Ames Walker International
Manufacturer, distributor and exporter of medical soft goods and hosiery products. Online ordering; located in New Jersey.
Volkner System
Support surfaces for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, pulmonary complications, and assisting in promoting sleep.
Piloian Medical
Post-operative garments for people with insulin pumps, ostomies and apertures, including mastectomies. Located in Longwood, Florida.
Coated polyamide fabric specifically for use in the medical field.
DRY FLOATATION cushions and mattresses for medical use.
Banyan International Corp.
Manufacturer of enhanced emergency medical kits to temporarily sustain life until a patient can get to a primary medical facility. Products are sold to the medical and airline industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Harrison Insulating Systems
Catalog of emergency blankets, reusable blankets and marathon recovery capes.
Standard Textile
Apparel, surgical, incontinent and textile products.
Kimberly-Clark Professional Health Care
Manufactures nonwoven fabrics for surgical, sterile, wound care and infection control applications, single-patient use, orthopedic and other medical products. Distributors worldwide.
Absorbent material designed to be worn with non-prescription or prescription braces.
Gottfried Medical, Inc.
Specifications and catalog of custom-made vascular supports and burn garments.
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