Plastics references

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Tyco International Healthcare and Specialty Products
Through numerous operating units, manufactures specialty and disposable medical products and products used in packaging, including polyethylene films, laminated and coated products.
Specializes in the coating of wire and polymers for applications, such as guide wires, used in minimal invasive surgery.
Eastern Plastics, Inc.
ISO 9001 certified; leader in plastic machining and assembly for the analytical chemisty and clinical diagnostic instrument industries. Located in Bristol, Connecticut.
Total Contact, Inc.
Facial transparent orthoses (TFO), for patients with facial burns.
Blacklock Medical Products
Description of medical grade adhesives, phototherapy equipment for psoriasis and vitiligo, and periodontal sutures.
CT Biomaterials
Medical grade polymers for the medical device industry.
Adhesive Consultants, Inc.
Medicine impregnated pressure sensitive adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives and gels, hydrophillic adhesives, wound management films and artificial lens delivery systems. Located in Akron, Ohio.
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