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Plus additional infos related to equipments, Medical Supplies and Healthcare.

Igenex, Inc.
Provider of testing services for lyme disease, autoimmune system deficiencies and allergies. The company also provides research and development services for pilot testing products. Services are provided to physicians, hospitals and clinical la.
Primus Corp.
Glycohemoglobin assay equipment, using boronate affinity. Located in Kansas City, Missouri.
Test instruments for tablet dissolution, disintegration, friability, powders, implants, suppositories and soft gelatin capsules.
Online catalog of laboratory equipment & instruments for the medical, scientific, research and clinical labs. Located in Germany.
Stratagene Holding Corp.
Manufacturer of biotechnology, diagnostic, mechanical, measurement/controlling and laboratory equipment. Producer of biotech catalysts; enzyme technologies; biochemicals, animal, genetic engineering and immunology systems; inorganic and organic.
Remel, Inc.
Microbial identification systems, quality control organisms, stains, reagents, dehydrated culture media, and diagnostic test kits. Located in Lenexa, Kansas.
Jewett, Inc.
Manufacturer of laboratory bloodbank and morgue refrigerators and freezers and morgue autopsy tables. This company was capitalized by private investment.
ASYS Hitech
Microplate photometers, washers, dispensers, shakers and incubators for microplate applications. Located in Austria.
Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of medical equipment test equipment, micro plate systems including readers and washers. Products are sold to the medical and medical equipment industries.
Abx Diagnostics
Catalog of hematology analysers and training programs.
Alpha Innotech
Catalog of chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and colorimetric digital imaging systems.
Biologics, Inc.
Manufacturer of SAMBA(tm) cell image analyzer systems; OMNICON(R) image analyzers for anti-biotic potency testing and chemo-therapeutic drug testing; AccuCount(R) Series automated colony counters; and sonic dismembrators and ultrasonic cell disr.
BioMed Diagnostics, Inc.
Manufacturer of diagnostic tests for trichomonas vaginalis, trichomomonas foetus and dermatophytes. Products are sold to the medical industry. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Clin Pro International
Distributor of in vitro diagnostic rapid tests, immunoassays, urine reagent strips and clinical laboratory instruments.
Bayer Diagnostics
Catalog of blood testing and diagnostic laboratory equipment.
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