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Beacon Converters, Inc.
Manufacturer of sterilization bags. Products are sold to medical device manufacturers.
Whitehall Manufacturing
Catalog of surgical scrub sinks, bedside toiletry, cold, heat and hydrotherapy equipment.
American Bantex Corp.
Manufacturer of disposable face masks and gloves, blood pressure monitors and wheelchairs. Products are sold to the medical and dental industries.
AllHeart: Sterilization & Hygiene Equipment
Provides sterilization equipment and supplies, including biological indicators, vacuum assisted steam sterilizers, and chemical integrators.
eBay: Sterilization and Hygiene Equipment
Online marketplace for buying and selling sterilization and hygiene equipment.
Manufacturer of specialized infection control equipment and disposables for medical applications. Products include smoke filtration and surgical helmet systems designed to protect medical staff from infectious smoke and blood aerosols produced .
Allerderm Laboratories, Inc.
Manufacturer of non-latex medical gloves and hypoallergenic surgical tape. Products are sold to hospitals, doctors and patients.
Lunaire Limited
Catalog of ovens, sterilizers, continuous process dryers, incubators, isolators and barrier systems, and other thermal process systems.
Micromedics, Inc.
Manufacturer of sterilization trays and surgical sealants, as well as ventilation tubes. Products are sold to the medical industry.
Beta Star Corporation
Catalog of sterilizers, washers and microprocessor control systems.
First Scientific Inc.
Producer and custom developer of antibacterial lotions, soaps and cleaning solutions. Products and services are sold to the pharmaceutical and medical industries. This company was capitalized by venture capital.
Surgical operating tables, treatment tables, lights, suction units, sterilizers, incubators and infant phototherapy.
Microban Products Company
Manufacturer of antibacterial plastic additives which make the plastic resistant to bacteria and other microbial agents. The company sells the additive as well as licenses the use of its brand name. This company was capitalized by private inve.
PurePulse Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of medical sterilization equipment. Products remove microorganisms from biological products, medical devices and water air by using concentrated short, high-intensity pulses. Products are sold to the medical and pharmaceutical ind.
Kleen Pen
Manufacturer of pen and pencil disinfection equipment.
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