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With a focus on diagnostic, Medical Supplies and Healthcare.

Manufacturer of diagnostic analyzers including a urine strip, dialysis and electrolyte analyzers as well as an mRNA assay kit.
Cardiac Evaluation Center
Holter and cardiac event recording services and equipment supplier.
Manufacturer of medical diagnostic instruments for the detection of H. pylori infections implicated in peptic ulcer disease using the urease breath test method. Products are sold to the healthcare and biomedical industries. This company was ca.
Oakwood Laboratories
Manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment. Products are sold to the medical industry.
CTF Systems Inc.
CTF Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of VSM MedTech Ltd, manufactures the OMEGA MEG system designed to measure magnetic fields of the brain.
Leonhard Lang Medizin-Technik
Manufacturer of disposable ECG electrodes for diagnosis and speciality applications.
Precision Biometrics, Inc.
Provides the chiropractic community with SEMG, Thermography and ROM systems. Located in San Carlos, California.
A&D Medical
Global manufacturer and ecommerce source for blood pressure and pulse monitors, scales, and stethoscopes.
Lifeline Medical
Drug and alcohol testing products, occupational health testing products and equipment rentals.
NeuroCom International, Inc.
Manufacturer of Equitest(R) and Balance Master(R) medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for use on balance and movement disorders. Products are sold to the medical industry. This company was capitalized by private investment and venture.
Blue Ridge Products
Catalog of laryngoscopes, blades, covers and lamps.
Producer of diagnostic products and life-support equipment for all markets.
Cardionics, Inc.
Manufacturer of evoked potential systems, used for measuring the electrical response to any neuron stimuli. The company also manufactures EEG amplifiers and simulscopes which are heart and lung sound simulation equipment and electronic stethosc.
TREK Diagnostics Systems
Manufacturer of diagnostic microbiology products for the clinical, pharmaceutical and veterinary customer. Products include ESP(R) culture system for continuous blood culture and mycobacterias testing; Sensititre(tm) bacteria identification and.
Camtek LTD.
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems and related products used to detect defects in printed circuit boards during the manufacturing process.
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