Ergonomic references

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Back And Neck Support Store
Supplier of a variety of ergonomic products for pain relief of the neck and lower back including chairs, cushions, pillows, mattress pads and nutritional supplements.
McCarty's, Inc.
Manufactures posture correcting car seats and cervical support pillows. Headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Goldtouch Technologies
Manufactures adjustable keyboards and computer mice. Sales headquarters in Irvine, California.
Mastercare AB
Swedish back care system using a self-traction table.
Biomax Laboratories
Developer of a topical medication suited for reducing inflammation associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
Back Bubble
Medical lumbar traction harness that decompresses the lumbar spine providing relief of lower-back pain and sciatica.
Microsphere Computers, Inc.
Manufacturer of IBM PC compatible clone computers. Also the company specializes in business network set up, installation and support. Products and services are provided to insurance and real estate companies and banks. This company was capita.
Supplier of keyboards, mouse alternatives, software and accessories for people with special needs and disabilities.
ICW Worldwide
Ergonomically designed computer monitor arms, lifts, furniture and accessories, tv and computer monitor mounting systems. In Oregon.
Provides an ambulatory cervical and lumbar traction system designed to alleviate disc strain, degenerative spondylosis and spinal stenosis.
Adjustable Seating
Supplier of EquipoisE, an ergonomic, computer chair designed to promote comfort, perfect posture, pain relief and a healthy back.
Accessible Designs Adjustable Systems
Supplier of adjustable ergonomic office furniture, accessible kitchen appliances and healthcare furniture.
Weber Knapp Company
Manufactures a variety of keyboard supports, adjustable workstation components and other computer accessories. Locaed in Jamestown, New York.
Back Shop
Manufacturer of custom-made office, home and car seats using the Spinal System-S to reduce back pain.
Develops and markets ergonomic and assistive products that provide people with a healthier and more productive way to interact with computers.
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