Electrotherapy on the Net

With a focus on biofeedback machines, Medical Supplies and Healthcare.

Spacelabs Burdick
Manufacturer of electrocardiograph (ECG) equipment. Products are sold to hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices.
BioMedical Instruments, Inc.
Sales and distribution center specializing in biofeedback and neurofeedback instrumentation from most of the leading manufacturers in this classification of instruments.
Mind Growth
Distributor of biofeedback behavioral management system (BBMS) programs.
Electrical Geodesics
Developer of high-resolution EEG measurement and analysis systems for use in medicine, psychology and neuroscience research.
Buxco Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of data acquisition monitoring systems for pulmonary functions, cardiovascular systems and tissue systems. Products are sold to universities, hospitals, research and development organizations, government agencies and pharmaceutical.
Dr. Kohr Medical Technologies
Catalog of specialized equipment for electromedicine, physical therapy and apparative cosmetology.
Provider of electrodes and other electromedical accessories.
David Steele
Seller of the EMS 400 electronic muscle stimulator and electrodes.
Developer and manufacturer of pulse oximeters and electrocardiograph machines.
J&J Engineering, Inc.
Manufacturer of physiological measurement instrumentation. This equipment is used to measure functions such as body temperature and heart rate. Products are sold to the medical industry.
Dobelle Group
Specializing in research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of neurological stimulators to control breathing, pain, and urogenital function.
eBay: Biofeedback and Electrotherapy Devices
Online marketplace for buying and selling biofeedback and electrotherapy devices.
Huestis Machine Corp.
Manufacturer of radiation therapy simulators. Products are sold to the medical industry.
Rich-Mar Corporation
Ultrasound, stimulator and combination electrotherapy devices, gels and adhesive electrodes.
Enlightened Technologies Associates
Developer of illumination devices used in research to determine the effect of light on the biological clock as well as by consumers to treat sleep phase disorders, seasonal depression and jet lag.
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