Dermatology on the Net

With a focus on supplies, Medical Supplies and Healthcare.

Micropigmentation Devices
Micropigmentation and dermabrasion equipment, needles and diamond fraises.
R.A. Fischer Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of medical electronic equipment, used for dermatological purposes, such as permanent epilation of hair of any kind. Products are sold to licensed cosmetologists. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Blacklock Medical Products
Description of medical grade adhesives, phototherapy equipment for psoriasis and vitiligo, and periodontal sutures.
Cortex Technology
Catalog of instruments for dermatology.
Psoriasis and Vitiligo Phototherapy Treatment
Full body UVB systems for home use.
PUVA Combi Light
Manufacturer of dermatological PUVA equipment. Located in Belgium.
J. Hewitt Incorporated
Ear piercing device, antiseptic and supplies.
Cool Touch Corp.
Manufacturer of cosmetic surgery products including dermatology lasers and medical/surgical instruments. Products are sold to the cosmetic industry. This company was capitalized by corporate investment.
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