Cardiac resources

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Forest Medical
Develops data management cardiography systems and maintenance programs for physicians, cardiac specialists and hospitals worldwide.
Deltex Medical, Inc.
Clinical data and description of Esophageal Doppler Monitor (EDM), a non-invasive, continuous cardiac function and volume status monitor.
Cardiac Rhythm Management
Manufacturer of products to monitor and treat patients' changing cardiac conditions. Division of Medtronic.
AllHeart: Cardiac Monitoring Equipment
Supplies cardiac monitoring equipment and supplies, including blood pressure monitors, EKG electrodes, and gel.
eBay: Cardiac Monitoring
Online marketplace for buying and selling cardiac monitoring.
Mortara Instrument
Electrocardiography products. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with plants in Wisconsin and Italy and offices in France, Germany and the Netherlands.
Weslee Medical (WBE)
Specialist in the sale of products to the anesthesia and cardiopulmonary disciplines.
Nian-Crae, Inc.
Ambulatory heart rate and event recorder with direct digital storage.
Vermont Medical, Inc.
Manufacturer of disposable medical electrodes and accessories. Products are sold to the medical industry.
Integrated Medical Devices, Inc.
Cardiac event detection (arrhythmia monitoring), and pacemaker follow-up equipment. Located in Syracuse, New York.
Compumed, Inc. is a medical diagnostic product and services company focusing on the diagnosis, monitoring and management of several costly, high incidence diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.
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